View Full Version : A post of copy protection in general - basically my opinions.

21.07.2004, 15:10
I am sick of these companies putting unneccassary copy protection on my paid for licenses.
The fact that no-one wants them, the small amount of piracy and lack of consideration to limited CD format lifespan in general suggests that these companies want people to hack their security and make money from doing it.
Thus the extended development these idiots undertake to let the hackers undo in minutes, why not make the product even more better and cheaper to return what they take out of the community.
Piracy is not a critical problem and never will be.
Even music is bought more often and beleive that people like me download mp3's simply to get better versions than that we can make locally with limited rip speeds and sluggish equipment.

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21.07.2004, 15:34
Well when you make a game, it seems normal to try to protect it from piracy. As a developer, i would not like to see my work on free download on "www.roxorwarez.net"..
Would you like to ?

Sure, it's easy for us to wait for Alcohol and/or D-Tools teams to release a new version of their fanstastic software :mrgreen: BUT what is the percentage of users who know all manipulations to do to emulate a protected CD ? 20% ? 30% ? certainly not 90%...

my conclusion is : sure they can't stop piracy, but they can greatly slower it because everybody is not a computer geek...