View Full Version : dance ejay 6 update uses safedisc 3.20

22.07.2004, 14:05
hi world !
first, dance ejay 6 is a powerfull program to compose dance music, spectacular & wonderful!
dance ejay 6 version cd have safedisc 2.9 protection & have a unwrapped exe
dance ejay 6 update 1.1 uses a upgrade to safedisc 3.20 :shock:
i'm try some emulators: daemon, virtualcd, alcohol 120%, insektors
i'm try too some buggest unwappers & dummpers
have a way to run this update, with a emulator using a bwa file?
any dumper/unwrapper?

is possible that anypeople have a solution to sd3.2?
is certain that sd3 don't work with any original cds/cd-roms drives? :?
safedisc busy the cpu, slow all resources of computer, and may crash the app/game

please, any have a solution for this?

salu2 ModMa :D