View Full Version : Can't reboot. Error msg "Press ESC to cancel loading d346bus.sys"

23.07.2004, 17:32
Operating System: Windows XP Home
Burning Software: Nero
Anti-virus Software: grisoft - AVG 6.0
DAEMON Tools Version: 346

When I try to start my computer I get the message "Press ESC to cancel loading d346bus.sys". The system then reboots over and over again. booting in safe mode doesn't help and because the system won't boot up, I can't uninstall/reinstall Daemon Tools to try to sort out the problem. Reinstalling XP doesn't help. I've got to much stuff on the machine to blow it all away

25.07.2004, 23:35
a secret hint: press ESC (that is the key at the upper left) when the message

28.07.2004, 22:55
Thanks LocutusofBorg, I tried pressing ESC but the system reboots anyway. :(