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23.07.2004, 21:50
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I'm confused as to why people with Alcohol use Daemon Tools. I can see it provides emulation to help play backed up games you own without needing to insert the cd each time which sounds great but i see it doesn't make the game image in the first place. I've read several threads that recommend using Alcohol to generate these images but then Alcohol provides emulation so why do these people pay for that then use Daemon Tools to provide the emulation? I see it could be used to use images on a separate machine (since Alcohol only allows use on one machine) but i can't imagine the massive number of people on this site are all doing that. So why do the Alcohol people use Daemon Tools? Is Daemon Tools more aimed at people who can create 1:1 copies but who don't have the emulation? Is there a recommended free alternative for making 1:1 copies?

Sorry for the noob questions but i hope someone can enlighten me :D


23.07.2004, 23:35
Operating System: WinXP Home
Burning Software: Nero
Anti-virus Software: Norman
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.46

Alcohol isn't the only format out there. Myself, I use mostly self-made Nero images of fairly old games that have CD-Audio music (because the constant noise from CD accessing gets on my nerves), and use CloneCD to make images if Nero can't handle it. I've never used Alcohol myself, I've never needed to.

24.07.2004, 11:14
Thanks for the reply. I was concentrating on Alcohol with their current sale of 52% and couldn't see why Daemon Tools seems so popular with its users. It's good to know Daemon Tools works well with other programs though! :)