View Full Version : Cannot install any version of DT

24.07.2004, 17:25
Operating System: XP Prof. Russian + SP1
Burning Software: Nero
Anti-virus Software: -
DAEMON Tools Version: Any out of 5

Hello! I am in big trouble. Just finished fresh install of XP with SP1.
DT 3.46 and below do not install, complaining:
- Need to have USB supplement
- IE must be ver.4 or above (I have 6.0.2800)
I am confused. My USB devices work fine, IE too. I read somewhere, that USB supplement is for Win95, then I don't have to install it, right?

Until now, I have been using DT for years on Win2000. They always worked great.

I cannot imagine my life without DT. Please advise!

24.07.2004, 19:02
Right-click on daemon346.exe and select properties. Click compatibility tab. Make sure that compat. is NOT enabled. Click ok.

25.07.2004, 18:43
Excellent guess!

I am sorry, but I (knowing nothing about new compatibility stuff in XP) had set compatibility for my file manager , FAR, - to Windows95. Of course, I ran all installations from FAR.

Thank you very much!

25.07.2004, 23:29
You don't need to set compatibility mode for FAR, it works fine by default in XP.