View Full Version : Alchohol 120?

11.11.2002, 15:04
Hi there - I was just wondering if there's anything that Daemon Tools can do that Alchohol 120% cannot?

12.11.2002, 21:06
I don't know.;-) Alcohol is surely more advanced and has the same and more , but Daemon is free for non-commercial use. So you decide what to use depending on your requests. If Daemon features are not enough
(eg. you need burning etc.);
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then you SHOULD buy Alcohol.

13.11.2002, 14:09
Thanks, VeNoM386. :wink:

Daemon is the best choice if you want to use virtual devices for non-commercial use, and it is FREE.

And about Alcohol, you can dump the discs to image file, and also can burn image files(support all image file format as many as daemon supported). You can try it to see is it good enough for you. :)