View Full Version : Virtual Sound Card in the system.

27.07.2004, 13:31

i have an application and it does not work, if sound card is not installed. I donґt have more free PCI slot on my motherboard.
My question is: whether Exists software like DaemonTools, which emulates hardware existence of SoundCard in the system? (W2000 + server, WXP + 2003 server)

Thanks for any suggestions.


27.07.2004, 23:58
Try VirtualPC from Microsoft/Connectix or VM Ware. They've both also a trial of it.

28.07.2004, 09:28
On page http://www.mixw.net/RigExpert/reaudio.html download driver (3 versions) and you can automaticaly or over Add/Remove HW install it. Readme.txt with driver history and guide is included. Functionality is on W2000 + server (stable). Very usable with sw, which required sound card and you not have free slots on MB or USB ports.

Cao, Pavel.