View Full Version : Daemon no longer works after system crash/W98 re-install

30.12.2002, 02:20
I recently had a MAJOR system crash that necessitated a complete re-install of Windows 98. I now find that Daemon no longer works, even though I've upgraded to the latest version. Games I've been running for months with no problem now demand the insertion of the CD - and the same ISOs work fine on another computer fitted with Daemon Tools.

What do I have to do to get my old games back? Help!!!!


30.12.2002, 05:34
Can you give us more info? f.e. which Games ??

re-install of Win98 -> did you format your hdd? Or is the old registry present (simple reinstall)? What problems appear ?? Which errors appear on the screen? Insert correct CD??

Give us more info, please

30.12.2002, 15:09
The HDD was not formatted, but the Windows directory was deleted and the OS re-installed. *All* installed programs had to be re-installed, including Daemon. However, from problems encountered with installing a new anti-virus program, it seems that at least fragments of the old registry were left behind, which may well be a hint to what's going on here.

Games affected include The Last Express and Sacred Ground; these worked perfectly before the Windows re-install. The executables start as normal, then throw up a "please insert correct CD" screen.

Many thanks for all help - I use Daemon a lot!!


30.12.2002, 15:57
Maybe it's that simple that those Games still remains in the "partially rescued" registry and therefore it's possible that those games remind now where they originally be installed from.. SafeDisc protected Games are known to show such behaviour

Try to start a game: did the LED from your physical drives flashing??

in that case this could help: change the Driveletters for Daemon Tools (f.e. change it with your physical drives) and try to start game again.

30.12.2002, 16:39
Hmm. Changing the drive letter of the Virtual Drive to D: does indeed seem to work. But all of these games were installed from drive V: and ran happily that way until the crash and re-installation of Windows. If I install them on another machine from drive V, they work fine. Is there any way to hack the Registry (or whatever) to restore the earlier configuration? I'm quite prepared to keep changing the drive letters if that's what it takes, but it's fairly annoying. Huge improvement, though - many thanks!


30.12.2002, 17:17
manipulating the registry is after all dangerous! But you can try to find with regedit the Key for the mentioned Games and change it.

The better way is to simply uninstall the games, (backup you SaveGames!!!) and reinstall them from Image (change Daemon's Virtual Drives to the desired Driveletter before!)

30.12.2002, 17:45
But that's the problem! These games *have* been uninstalled and re-installed from the image file with the Virtual Drive set to Drive V!!!

Any ideas?