View Full Version : the thing with the 4 drives

30.07.2004, 01:54
well i was wonderign why do people need more than 4 drives :P

i mean, i even get irritated if i run more than 2 drives at the same time :P

it looks kinda messy so why does anybody need more than 4 drives :P ?

- Hamtaro

30.07.2004, 06:27
this is a good question! i am using 1 drive and daemonscript. until now there is no need to have more.

01.10.2004, 20:43
Riven has 5 CD's, so 4 drives aren't even enough if you don't want to change disk while moving around in the game.
Having more drives with different games mounted would make it easy to change game by clicking it's icon, without having to remount. This is WIFE ACCEPTANCE! 8)

Hal Emmerich
10.01.2005, 00:33
If they mentioned a reason for not including more than 4 drives in this help, noone had to ask ;)

10.01.2005, 00:58
The reasons are for sure NOT because of TECHNICAL
reasons, and I'm pretty sure everyone of you know that :!:

We won't tell you. End of discussion.

23.01.2005, 19:25
I have a very good reason that >4 drives would be nice.

My kid (Age 3) has around 20 games that all require being in the drive.

He often plays a game for 5 minutes and moves on to the next one.

Do you know how freaking annoying it is to have to get up from what you are doing to change out his game every 5 minutes?

Please add the ability to have more drives before you read about me on the news. ;)

23.01.2005, 19:34
Yes, it's really annoying to realize that some ppl are still so blind and don't even see the related sticky thread :!: :P