View Full Version : i used alcohol 120% and the .ccd image wont work on any virtual drives plz help

covenent elite
01.08.2004, 10:38
Operating System: Windows XP Proffesional edition
Burning Software: Alcohol120%(demo),Nero(demo)
Anti-virus Software: norton antivirus
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.46

i tryed at different times to use the alcohol 120% demo virtual drive and the daemon tools virtual drive and it wont work and the game is GTA:Vice City. all help is appreciated

01.08.2004, 10:44
GTA-VC uses newest SecuROM, so you need image with DPM data. Re-create from your original cd with Alcohol's SecuROM new v4.x/5.x profile.

covenent elite
02.08.2004, 01:38
i did what you said to do but the same thing is still happening.

covenent elite
05.08.2004, 09:51
SORRY TO DOUBLE POST but the image still wont work for vice city and it is annoying me