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07.08.2004, 19:39
Operating System: WinXp
Burning Software: Nero6ultra
Anti-virus Software: Computer Associates
DAEMON Tools Version: Just got it!

I have read through a bunch of this forum and frankly I ain't got a clue what you all are doing. I don't do games or anything like that on my computer so I'm clueless.

What I'm trying to do is make up a Diagnostic disc for my computer that runs DOS programs only. I found this ISO file called Ultimate Boot Untilities. I mean this file has like every DOS Diag program known to man kind. However I need to customise it! Because of the way I do things on this system.

This means that I need to take this ISO file and open it to my hard disk. From what I've been able to figure out if I burn it dirrectly to disc the disc will be bootable and the files will extract to that disc, "I guess"

But when I try "Burning" it to a hard disc I simply get another ISO file! It talks about a backup image! Don't want that!

The site http://ubcd.sourceforge.net/ says to use Daemon tools to do this! OK that's cool. I loaded it up and its talks about all this protection stuff. I don't think protection is an issue with what I'm doing here. I see that when I load up Daomon tools I get this little virtual CD drive but I can't write to it! Its a CD ROM drive, not a CDRW type drive from what Everything tells me. The drive itself says its a DVD drive!

So I'm trying to figgure out how to make the ISO file show up as these DOS files on my hard drive, add stuff to them then make a CD. The idea here is if my machine become polluted with a virus and I can't use XP I have Diags that run DOS...

So can Deamon tools to this?
What should I be doing here?
If you look at the site I posted http://ubcd.sourceforge.net/ they will show what I'm trying to do. You might want to do this too.

THanks for your time!!