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31.12.2002, 03:56
First of all, I love daemon tools to death. A paypal button somewhere could help. I was wondering if Daemon Tools supports emulating DVDs(movies, files, audio). If it does, I can't find a program that would extract an DVD and place them in an image file.

31.12.2002, 04:06
Yes, Daemon Tools emulate even DVD's. This contains also movie-DVD's but as you already mentioned you've to bypass/remove css-encryption first. Daemon Tools can't decrypt CSS-Protection (because of possible Lawsuite against us, theoretically this should be no prob and maybe will some day realized if legal position is clear)

So you should use DVD-Decryptor www.dvddecryptor.com

This Program is able to decrypt css and generate Iso-Images.
Those Images can simply mounted with Daemon Tools.

Hope that Helps

16.01.2003, 09:24
don't you mean http://www.dvddecrypter.com/


16.01.2003, 10:04
Of course he meant that, ̉‘cause the name of the program is DVD Decrypter ;)

16.01.2003, 15:00
Yes, of course I meant that, sorry for the little typo