View Full Version : CD letter disappeared!

31.12.2002, 07:00
Since I unistalled DT the frist letter of my CD drives, in this case E:. dissapeared and the drivers letters changed. If I install it again itґs returns as a virtual driver.
To resume I want the drive G:(cd drive) becomes E: again.
Someone knows what can I do ?

31.12.2002, 07:26
Although this should be Basic-Knowledge and is surely not direct related to Daemon Tools, I try to help you:

Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.

Double-click System, and then click the Device Manager tab

Search for the CD-DRIVES entry, open it, click on propertys and here you can assign a new Drive Letter to your CD-Drive (from G: to E: in this case)

Note: you have to reboot before your changes take effect!

31.12.2002, 15:17
I canґt find the place to change the CD-Drive letters in Windows XP,.

12.01.2003, 06:20
in new d-tools, right-click on the trayicon, goto virutal, goto device, goto props, and select a new letter, click ok.