View Full Version : Dumb Question: Can DT emulate an IDE CDROM?

15.08.2004, 07:36
Operating System: Win2k Pro SP4
Burning Software: BW 4.5.7
Anti-virus Software: NAI Vscan 4.5.0
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.46

I'm a bit new to DT, so this may be a newb question:
Can DaemonTools emulate an IDE Cdrom?

Here's why:
I picked up Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge a while back at Costco (package deal).

Both games installed without a hitch from my SCSI CDRW (Plex PX-W124TSI).

However, neither game will play. (Both will launch, throw up a splash screen, then exit to desktop)

After a very frustrating (and very circular) experience with Westwood's "technical support", I have come to the conclusion that RA2 and YR may require an IDE Cdrom to be present in the system for disc authentication to work properly.

Now being something of a purist/snob, all my optical devices are of the SCSI variety. All my IDE device slots are used up by hard disks (pack rat tendencies). Thusly, I am looking for a way to mount a CD image of RA2 and/or YR in DT in such as fashion as to appear to be an IDE CDROM.

Is this possible?

15.08.2004, 23:39
All these games work fine from SCSI CDROMs - the problem is in your other software only.

16.08.2004, 00:02
Oddly, I have been unable to get RA2 or YR to run from the pressed originals. Any suggestions?

16.08.2004, 01:07
Install those games from the physical first driveletter. Uninstall CloneCD
and CloneCDTray before and every other software which are maybe
blacklisted. Both games (RA2 and addon YR) are working fine from SCSI-Drives

16.08.2004, 05:51
Fwiw, I keep getting the error "The device, \Device\CdRom6, has a bad block." in my event log when loading the game. I always attributed this to copy protection, as the game installs w/o a hitch. Alas, I will probably end up taking the games back.

I fear the only "questionable" software I am running would be DT. I do have BlindWrite installed, but not running. Filemon, from sysinternals, does not indicate any blindwrite checks.