View Full Version : Removing a Virtual Drive?

15.08.2004, 19:21
Operating System: Windows 2000
Burning Software: Nero 5.5
Anti-virus Software: Norton Corporate Edition 7.6
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.46

How can you remove a virtual drive created by DAEMON tools when I'm done using it? So it's no longer listed in Windows Explorer in the drive list. I have gone through 'Device Manager' and under 'DVD/CD-ROM drives' section disabled the virtual drive created by DAEMON tools and then it doesn't show up in Windows Explorer, and I can also uninstall it inside device manager, however when I reboot the virtual drive is back listed in Window Explorer again?

Thanks for any information!

15.08.2004, 19:45
I knew it was a dumb question, and I found it just disable all the devices.