View Full Version : Unmountable_boot_volume

16.08.2004, 12:30
Operating System: Windows XP Prof SP2
Burning Software: Nero 6316
Anti-virus Software: Norton Antivirus 2004 Professional
DAEMON Tools Version: 346

Hi folks,

1) First Harddrive (Samsung SP0802N)
I mountes 3 images with Daemon Tools. Everything Alright. AFter that I made a windows XP "Repair installation" (in german its Reparaturinstallation). Then I always get the error Unmountable_boot_volume. No chance for starting in safe mode. No chance for chkdsk, no chance at all?? There is no advantage, when I press the Esc key in safe mode to disable the SCSI - Driver! :(
How can I get my Harddisk back??? I had steganos safe installed on it! I need that thing back!

2) Second Harddrive (same Type, the two drives are NOT used together!)
I bought a second Harddrive and I had similar Problems. After installing SP2, Norton Antivirus was out of order. After reinstalling Antivirus, I got "Unmountable_boot_volume" everytime I restart. I CAN start in safe mode with the SCSI-Driver ENabled (I do NOT press the Esc key). The curious thing is: Sometimes Windows XP starts in normal mode, sometimes NOT!
Now I UNmounted all drives in normal mode and VOILА! Now Windows XP is starting as it did before with no problems at all! Can I forget mounting images with Daemon? Is there any other tool that's working more stable with Microsoft windows xp?

Can anyone help me out?

Thank you!!