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31.12.2002, 19:26
When using Daemon tools (newest version) and loading a DVD iso (created with DVD Decrypter);
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if i fastforward too quickly (32x) for any more than a very short period of time, PowerDVD freezes up.

I am using the newest version of Daemon Tools as well as the newest version of PowerDVD. When using a normal dvd and not emulating it through Daemon Tools, this does not happen. I have tried a normal DVD and then an ISO of that same DVD and it freezes when fastforwarding at high speeds with the ISO but not the DVD.

Is there anything i could change to fix this or is it a bug in daemon tools? Has anybody else encountered this problem? In order to quit PowerDVD i have to ctrl-alt-delete and end the task.

02.01.2003, 22:28
Anybody have any thoughts about this? I have tried v3.29 and the problem still exists.

I know that it is not a problem with my DVD software because i tried using the emulation that is built into Alcohol 120% and it works fine. This is the only thing that really bugs me in daemon tools! Any answers?

03.01.2003, 00:31
I'll check it and report back later tomorrow. If it's a bug it will sure be fixed in next release

03.01.2003, 00:31
So with Alcohol it rewinds ok without hang?
Can you give your systems specs please (video, CPU etc.)?

03.01.2003, 09:05
So with Alcohol it rewinds ok without hang?
Can you give your systems specs please (video, CPU etc.)?

Yes i can rewind/fastforward for long periods of time with alcohol as the emulator (at high speed, 32x is highest that powerdvd goes) and it will not freeze. I let it run for a minute or so on 32x and it worked fine. With Dameon Tools after a few seconds it freezes.

System specs:
1.33ghz thunderbird
512mb pc133 ram
16x DVD Drive
52x24x52 CDRW
Geforce2 GTS 32mb AGP with recent drivers
Western Digital 120GB Special Edition HD (it froze on my 30gb western digital that i had before also).

Thanks for a great product, keep this thread updated if you have any info!

22.01.2003, 21:49
I tried mounting a .bin/.cue of an SVCD and it worked when fastforwarding, but mounting .iso from DVD Decrypter still freezes when fastforwarding.

However like i said before this problem does not happen in alcohol or other emulation programs

23.01.2003, 18:35
What OS you use. I have same video card and will try to make tests again.

23.01.2003, 22:43
What OS you use. I have same video card and will try to make tests again.

Windows XP

29.01.2003, 04:21
I just tried it again with the new powerdvd patch (2417) and i am no longer having any problems.

I guess they fixed it?

Thanks again.

19.02.2003, 23:53
Hey all,
I am having a similar problem with the same apps.. If I make an ISO of certain DVD movies (not all of them do it!) & then mount with Daemon tools 3.29 & play as a DVD disc in PowerDVD 4 build 2417 PowerDVD locks up at almost random points while playing, usually during the opening warnings & such before the menu or movie comes up. But if I play using the "Open DVD file on hard disk" option instead from the virtual DVD drive the movie plays fine. This leads me to believe it's an odd incompatibility between Daemon tools & PowerDVD but I need to install a different virtual DVD utility & try to confirm.. I'm running: XP Pro SP1 on a 1.7Ghz P4 512M with the noted versions above if that helps. Btw, this problem happened with PowerDVD 3 with updates & Daemon tools 3.17 as well & I upgraded both to latest versions before coming here looking to see if others had the same issue..