View Full Version : Tribes: Vengeance Beta and SecuROM 5

20.08.2004, 04:44
[23:00:09 PM] SecuROM detected -> H:\tv.exe
[23:00:09 PM] --- File(s) Scan Finished [0.13s] ---
That's what A-Ray Scanner tells me about the CD.

I only have 1 CD-Rom and it's a pain to switch between all the games I play so I use D-Tools to speed it up... problem is, I can't use the ISO I create because it gives me this error:
Conflict with Disc Emulator Software detected. See www.securom.com/emulation for more details

I am using 3.46 of D-Tools. I'm not sure what I ripped the image from but my friend who is also trying to do this said when he made the ISO from the SecuROM 4.x/5.x option in Alcohol 120% that it still didn't work.

Any help or advice?