View Full Version : Trouble Running CD when mounting image of Star Wars Galaxies

23.08.2004, 19:12
I'm very new, and I have Star Wars Galaxies, I made a copy of my 3cd's I have a three .cue three .img and three .ccd with also three .sub files (all of Star Wars Galaxies) then, I mount them on DAEMON but when I try to use the CD 1 on driver I:/ I get this error "I:/ is not a valid Win32 Application" and its wierd, because with other images I mount of my other games, I works perfectly, again, Im new, some advice will be apreciated, thanks in forward.

24.08.2004, 01:40
Do you know what copy protection is used in your game? You can use A-Ray scanner to identify it.

08.02.2005, 23:09
As to your copy protection problems, I'm in the dark, but we've never had any trouble with Star Wars Galaxies because, like most MMORPG's, it doesn't actually require the disk to play, so there's no need to have it mounted in Daemon.

What program are you using to make the images?