View Full Version : [XP] crashes when disableling V-drive

01.01.2003, 21:03
I keep getting BSOD crashes when i disable the number of drives.

It doesn't matter how many drives or if an image is mounted or not.

let me know what info you guys need, and i'll provide it.

Is this a prblem anyone knows?
or maybe even know a solution for it??
I'd appreciate the help.

10.01.2003, 22:39
I have the same prob, set device number to 3, but when I tried to set it back to 2 or 1 drive my system crashes and shows blue screen, then only restart can help.
I use Win98SE

11.01.2003, 02:38
This is because you have some buggy driver in system.
Please post the list of all burning and related software installed on your PC.

11.01.2003, 17:28
oh yes there are some :wink:
WinOnCD PE 5.00.784
CDRWin 3.8d

12.01.2003, 00:22
@hicky: If you use 98 then try to remove/rename nerocd95.vxd (it is in WINDOWS/SYSTEM/IOSUBSYS). Does it help?

12.01.2003, 00:51
hey great, thanks
when I renamed the mentioned file and set drive number back to 1, I first got a blue screen, too, but this time I could 'revive' my pc by hitting a key

12.01.2003, 16:37
I hope you did reboot after renaming?

13.01.2003, 03:54
no, I did not, was too early happy when I wrote reply. At first DEAMON showed me 1 drive but in explorer there were 3 and after restart there are still 3 virtual drives in explorer and DEAMON

13.01.2003, 13:13
If you renamed nerocd95.vxd, rebooted and still got BSOD when changing number of virtual drives, then uninstall WInOnCD, reboot and try again.