View Full Version : Mount a folder, just like mounting an image file..

24.08.2004, 06:42
I would very much like to be able to mount a folder, just like mounting an image file.. Any chance of this happening?

24.08.2004, 07:48
At least on Windows 2k/XP/2003:

subst X: c:\folder

..or just use the logical disk manager.

24.08.2004, 12:20
It will not be supported by daemon tools.

24.08.2004, 12:34
Subst does not work for some programs. They check that they are running from a CD-rom drive..

24.08.2004, 13:49
I'm interested, what program can be run from the CD but not from HDD?

There are ways to get around this (like modifying the media descriptor), but depending on where you live the only legal way is just to use your original CD(s) when needed.

24.09.2004, 16:38
this feature would be handy if you have e.g. a video_ts folder on your hdd and want to mount it as a dvd-rom to work with other tools on the virtual dvd, e.g. dvd-decrypter. for this program the drive must be a dvd-rom drive since it works on a sector basis, not on a file basis. so subst won't help in this case.

how complex would the changes to daemon-tools be to support the mounting of a video_ts-folder? if it's just a minor code-change i'd greatly appreciate it, if you could find the time to add this feature in one of the next builds :)

24.09.2004, 17:11
No changes to DT needed - only special program needs to be made that creatas small basic ISO-like file with file system directory (on-the-fly mastering) and special plugin needs be written that mounts such custom file.
Theoretically it can even be special MDS file that would mount automatically.

11.07.2010, 10:43
Would it be so much memory consuming if i add a folder as a CD/DVD drive?... i really needed it many times... every time i had to work-around using hacks and stuff... quite becoming tired of that :rolleyes: :icon_e_smile: ...
last time needed it for a VirtualBox sharing files thing, the "Shared folders didn't work, but mounting iso's or CD/DVD drives would work... i use Daemon Tools Profesional and didn't find the feature neither there... from the drop down menu in Explorer would be so great!... :icon_biggrin: and so no-time-consuming-AT-ALL!... :icon_e_smile:

i really hope that the developers are considering this feature to be implemented!... :icon_e_smile:

have a surprising great day everyone!...