View Full Version : Error Message 2203 while installing

25.08.2004, 04:34
Operating System: Windows Server 2003
Burning Software: N/A
Anti-virus Software: AVG 6.0 Free Edition
DAEMON Tools Version: 346

When i try to install daemon tools on server 2k3 with admin it comes up with error message 2203 when it gets up to actually installing it. It works fine for the first sections though (where you choose where to install it)

Can someone help me please?

26.08.2004, 07:23
Make sure everyone including system has full permissions to where MSI is located. By default setup extracts daemon.msi to "Windows\Downloaded Installations" folder
You can also try to copy daemon.msi to any other place and install from there.

26.08.2004, 13:52
nope still doesnt work

22.02.2005, 15:24
Operating System:
Burning Software:
Anti-virus Software:
DAEMON Tools Version:

Check if you temporary system folder is accessible from the installer
The temp folder could be "C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Temp" Or any other folder that the user has selected as a temp folder (C:\Temp)
On My PC This folder was not accessible I changed the security to allow than it worked fine.