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02.01.2003, 11:45

Have you thought about uploading all the msi-files somewhere? You'd not have to email them to anybody anymore, which would avoid those mail filter problems etc.
You'd only have to link to the correct file if somebody asks and they could d/l it themselves.

Just an idea that came to my mind while reading through one of the MSI requests again...


02.01.2003, 19:52
Yes, we thought about that and decided it's a good Idea to do it when new web-portal is introduced. Beside this we have real big amount of traffic on the HP/board and don't wanna increase this. I know it's annoying (the thread's asking for msi-file) but it is not only our problem but some useres, opening again and again a new thread related to the same problems. If only they can use the search-button :)