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30.08.2004, 00:54
Operating System: Pentium4 2.6 Ghz 512 ram corsair 120 Gig hardware
Burning Software: Daemon, ahead nero,
Anti-virus Software: Norton Professional 2004
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.46 and 3.47


I just want to install Daemon.. my friend install me this program.. first of all it works very well, after one week, each times I was starting the computer, it said No language detected but after a couple of time, I was upset at this message, so I discovered that it was my daemon who didn't want to work anymore!!!

So, I go on many sites and do all what they said, I use registry cleaner... I install aspi... and uninstall it, reinstall it... but it seems to said always the same thing, and I try too to put an other language like you said on your site!!! I too did erase the pnp bios extension... so what to do now??

If someone had a clue please help me, because this software is very useful to add a virtual cd...


31.08.2004, 15:27
Anyone could help me here??


Myabe I just install Nero and it become in conflict with it?

09.09.2004, 04:35
Operating System: Win xp pro
Burning Software: nero
Anti-virus Software: norton
DAEMON Tools Version:

I too have the same problem and if someone could drop me an e-mail ( zildjiancb@gmail.com ) i would be very greatful thanks to all who help

09.09.2004, 10:18
Which OS do you use? Btw the Operating System is intended to mention the Windows version you use, not any kind of hardware ;)

To both of you:
Un-install Daemon Tools, check thread about error 25002 in common problem and solutions forum to remove leftovers, reboot, then re-install v3.47.

09.09.2004, 13:56
I use windows xp!