View Full Version : Mounting an image doesnt work!

02.01.2003, 17:09
hi, i must be doing soemthing wrong because it seems to be working for everyone else. im trying to see the contents of a bin file, so when i mount i double-click on its cue file. is this correct? nothing pops up or anything to show me that it worked. im totally confused, should i change the bin to an image? any help is appreciated :)

02.01.2003, 17:55
No double click in explorer, left click on Daemon Tools task bar icon, select drive where the image you want to mount is stored, click on it, and there you go ;)
Btw read the manual - guess what it was made for ;)

02.01.2003, 22:35
well, i did read the manual. the problem is the .BIN file is on my c drive, and they only allow drives H to Z. so wtf?

btw, do you have to burn it on cd first or something? im still confused, i did exactly what the manual told me to do, but nothing popped up once i did it.

02.01.2003, 23:21
To make a long story short: Click on the TrayIcon of Daemon Tools, select Virtual CD/DVD-DRIVE/MOUNT IMAGE FILE and then select MOUNT/drive c:
and mount the desired .bin-file. Or copy your image file to wherever you wanna store it.

And btw:

and they only allow drives H to Z
Who did you mean?? Who is "they"??