View Full Version : 2 Installations of D-Tools?

05.09.2004, 09:35
Operating System: Win XP SP2
Burning Software: cdrtools 2.x, cdrdao 1.1x
Anti-virus Software: None
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.29

Hi everyone. This is my first post, please don't hurt me just because I'm a noob. ;)

Here's my problem: I'm using D-Tools for my normal games so I don't have to swap discs and for Dreamcast Isos because the DC Emulator (Chankast) doesn't work well with real CDs.
The problem now is, that the CDI-Format is standard for DC Isos and something changed in the way D-Tools emulates .cdi between 3.29 and later versions.
Whatever it was, it broke compatibility with Chankast, so for my DC Isos to work I have to use 3.29 while my newer PC Games have 3.29 blacklisted or 3.29 can't emulate their Copy Protection.
So my question is: Is it possible to install 3.29 and 3.47 parallel? I know the installer requires me to uninstall older versions, but maybe it can be tricked to not recognize the old version? And will this work or will the new version replace stuff so the old version doesn't work anymore?

Thanks in advance for your help and congratulations to the developers for one of the most useful tools I've ever come across.

05.09.2004, 22:17
No, it is not supported.