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05.09.2004, 15:43
the final 1.7 version is out now... well only for the german version so far

anyway im having trouble to get the game started
i installed deamon tools 347 and it worked fine once.
the next day it did not work at all... i tried everything, including the newest alcohol 120%
nothing worked until late afternoon when it suddenly started just as if i had never had any problems with it
it crashed at least 5 times (....still VERY buggy game) and everytime it started again at the first try

today it wont start anymore...

so it seems that sometimes it workes and after a reboot it does not...

was anyone else able to get the game run? and how?
any ideas what i might try?... or why it does not work most of the time and then suddenly it workes everytime -- (without any changes made!!!) -- until reboot

07.09.2004, 04:00
ok i found out something new
today i reinstalled the very first version of sacred (without any patch)

with daemon tools 346 and my alcohol image this version starts everytime i try
with daemon tools 347 it wont start

so i think there is a problem with the new version, making it unable to emulate the image properly

07.09.2004, 07:06
did you read the changelog of 3.47???

The changelog for V3.47:

* Fixed lockup with some images containing bad sectors made by Alcohol (MDS)
* Fixed Nero InCD formatting problem with DAEMON Tools present
* Fixed atapi.sys locking problem (as a result, some emulation ability is removed for PCD5 until new release)

just as a reminder. In case you have trouble with Sacred, use DT 3.46 instead
3.47 until we release new version of DT

07.09.2004, 10:32
I wonder if there are some other programs that could allow to lock a file (atapi.sys) and so avoid to reverse to daemon 3.47 ?

May be someone has an idea ?


07.09.2004, 15:01
ah ok
unfortunately starting sacred with dt346 using scripts never worked for me :(

08.09.2004, 17:17
Compiling a simple console application with the following C code should do the same (doing it from user mode instead of kernel mode shouldn't make a difference in practice). Anyway, I don't have Sacred, so I can't test it.

If the lock must be permanent then replace the single Sleep call with a while (1) {...} or something like that.

int main(int argc, char* argv[])
HANDLE lockedfile = CreateFile(argv[1], GENERIC_READ, 0, 0, OPEN_EXISTING, 0, NULL);
Sleep (20000);
CloseHandle (lockedfile);
return (0);

09.09.2004, 16:51
My suggestion .... just use your orignals to play...!
It is the easiest way to play :mrgreen:
And wait for next version of dt... I am excited :mrgreen: