View Full Version : Planning to buy a Plextor PX-712A, any experiences, facts, info?

06.09.2004, 16:22
Hi! :) I'm just curious to know if anyone here has any experience with Plextor PX-712A 12x/4x/16x IDE DVD+/-RW? I'm thinking of buying it, and am interested in any opinions or facts that you may have of it. Which protections can it reproduce? Does it have annoying features? I'm sorry if this seems as if I would be asking you to do the whole job for me, but there are too little sources for real user experiences especially in this kind of information to be found in the internet. Thanks in beforehand! :)

-Matteuz 8)

P.S. If you know a page where there would be this kind of specifications for the drive I'd be most interested! :)

P.S. #2 And I'm aware it's not a Dual Layer -drive, but I can live with that :wink:

06.09.2004, 17:14
Well, I'd suggest you either wait for Plextor releasing a dual layer firmware for the 712, or a new dual layer writer - if you buy the 712 and it will be single layer only you wasted your money somehow :?

06.09.2004, 21:42
712A is picky about dvd-media. It's a very fast burner and have many advanced features.
For me, f.e., the Q-Check-ability is more or less (beside LiteON's K-Probe)
the only seriously disc-check available.

Good read/write-speed. But the drive also have it's drawbacks, it's (IMHO
a little bit to picky about media types.

And of course it costs some bucks more then other drives and doesn't support
dual-layer-writing, on the other hand offers some features other drives can't
provide to you, f.e. the cd-r gigarec function

You can find a good review of this drive here:

CLICK ME (http://www.cdrinfo.com/Sections/Reviews/Specific.aspx?ArticleId=9346)

I tested this drive and own the 708a, all in all plextor is a good choice but as I already owe the 708a, after the tests I returned the drive back to my
pal who rented it to me.

08.09.2004, 13:28
I suggest you to wait for double layer burners...
I still swear on my plextor premium.... :mrgreen: