View Full Version : Autorun option on the command line

06.09.2004, 21:00
I use this great tool for setting up my kids so they do not have to load the CD each time. I have had to script the loading however to cover DVD's and CD games etc. It would be great to be able to have this scripting as part of the command line then all I would need is one shortcut and not the script file.

The things that happen in the script so far are:

force an unmount.

mount the image (to get most autorun cases to work)

set the working directory (would be nice as a command line)

run a specific app (on cd or on hd) (would be nice as a command line)

Now some cases need the autorun to be off. I would like to control this from the command line so it can be case by case, and not a global setting for this drive.

Thanks for the product. My kids love you even if they dont really know it.

06.09.2004, 21:23
Did you check out DaemonScript yet (see our download section)?

06.09.2004, 21:52
You guys rock. This is looking good so far. I will check it out properly later and get back to you.
A question for you. How does it control the autorun. This is done via OS calls? I guess it cant be done via daemon tools directly.

Thanks again.