View Full Version : How to be able to use Daemon Tools 3.33 to mount nrg image?

07.09.2004, 12:13
Operating System: Windows 98SE
Burning Software: n/a
Anti-virus Software: Norton Antivirus 2004
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.33


I have now with me 2 image files in nrg format and I have daemon tools 3.33.

I've searched around online and learn that daemon tools can actually mount nrg files. I've tried with 3.33, however, and after mounting, I could not see any files inside the image. :roll:

I have like a year ago tried installing the next version of daemon tools, which was 3.43 I think, and I could not get back into windows afterwards :shock: After a hell of a headache and searching for info on public computer could I finally pinpoint the problem to be 3.43 installling some sort of vxd file onto my system. I removed 3.43 and reinstalled 3.33 and used it ever since and given up the habit of upgrading daemon tools.

But now, with those 2 nrg files, how can I mount them with daemon tools 3.33? Or any other software that won't lock me out of windows?



07.09.2004, 12:38
The issue should be fixed, please try v3.47 - if you still get system hang at boot, start into DOS mode via F8 and delete/rename pnphlp.vxd in Windows\System directory.

08.09.2004, 02:29

Thank you for your info.

However, I faintly remember that I also had a hard time at the time trying to remove 3.43 completely. I think after renaming the pnphlp.vxd to something else and getting back into windows in normal mode, I've used the accompanied uninstall program to uninstall 3.43. After doing that, I then reinstalled 3.33 but my computer kept saying a higher version was installed and stopped me from installing 3.33. And afterwards, I think I had to tweak with the registry directly to remove anything related to daemon tools to be able to install 3.33 again.

So if I again ran into the same problem with 3.47, how should I uninstall to allow me to reinstall 3.33? I do have a copy of the 3.33 msi file tucked away in my computer.


08.09.2004, 09:59
If you run into problems again, check thread about error 25002 in common problems and solutions forum to remove leftovers of Daemon Tools installation.
Obsolete Daemon Tools MSIs are available in our download section.

08.09.2004, 11:26
I've downloaded the 3.47 and was actually going to install it. Then I saw the following in readme:

If system becomes unbootable, follow these steps:
Reboot the computer
Press F8 to boot into safe mode
During boot, you should see a message ""Press Esc to cancel loading d346bus.sys ... " where "d346bus" is name of assigned bus driver
Press escape

What will this d346bus.sys clash with actually?