View Full Version : Ad option for auto mounting CDs with images

02.01.2003, 21:44
I would like to burn an image to a CD, and Daemon-Tools driver should let it look like the original CD is insertet. You know, this way you don't have to mount it first and doesn't need an extra drive letter.

I think Blindwrite can burn something than Alcohol RMPS things, could you emulate this too that I doesn't need Blindwrite installed please?

I would like to know if it is hard to do this or impossible because of hardware limitations.


02.01.2003, 23:29
You only have to burn your Images with Alcohol's RMPS-Function - than you can simply activate RMPS-Emulation in Daemon Tools. This way, you don't have to use Blindwrite nor did you need additional driveletter/mounting.
This way, you should not run into trouble if you wanna backup SecuROM NEW 4.8x protected Games. For other protections use the other profiles in f.e. Alcohol120%

I suggest that you read both, Alcohol and Daemon Tools Manual, because many changed with the introduce of the new Versions.

03.01.2003, 13:10
Yes, I know that it works with Alcohol, but I have bought already Clone CD and don't wan't to install so many programs, thats why I ask.

By the way, is there any other way to make this RMPS things than Alcohol?


03.01.2003, 16:00
Haven't heard of any yet, but I suppose it won't take long (maybe a month, _maybe_ two) until there are alternatives.