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10.09.2004, 14:58
Hi all,

I have a problem running an image of The Suffering.
Before posting I of course checked the similarly named thread below, but my case appears to be a bit different.
I am not using a backed up CD, but rather a CD image on my hard disk. I created the image using Alcohol 52% (evaluation version, still deciding whether to buy it, depending on the results I'm going to get).
I checked the original disc with A-Ray Scanner, and it detected StarForce I read in the help it's quite similar to SecuROM, and in fact when I created the image using Alcohol's StarForce option it prompted me about DPM protection. I chose 1x (as from Alcohol's support forums) for DPM measuring in order to get the best accuracy.
Then I tried mounting the image with both Alcohol and DT - one at a time - with DPM emulation enabled, but it simply doesn't work. The game launcher immediately asks about the original disc, while with the original inserted there is an advancing progress bar.
I think this isn't a case of blacklisting: if I insert the original disc, even with virtual CDs mounted on other letters, the game starts fine.

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

In the meantime, I'll try DT 3.46, I have read in other posts this may solve some issues.

10.09.2004, 15:25
Sorry, I just read below about the issues with StarForce v3. It appears they have found an unbreakable protection, at least for now.
I will play The Suffering using the original CD, too bad. While I'm mad with software publishers for not givinga a *** about MY investment, I will also not buy the retail version of Alcohol for now, as it failed to work with two games on three I'm currently playing (Thief 3 and The Suffering) and it's easy to foresee more and more publishers switching to the higher protection in the near future.
Sigh, using the hard disk to play DID seem a bit too good to be true :(


10.09.2004, 18:46
As far as I know...it is not yet possible to create a working image of starforce 3 protected cds....


enjoy thief 3...it is a great game...but much too short :mrgreen: