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11.09.2004, 06:31
I applied the new patch to spell force and once again it has updated its copy protection. This time its got me beat. With 1.35 i was able to just create a script and after it de-activated the rpms i just reactivated it quickly and everything was great. However this time after i re-activate it i get the error "Incompatible System Configuration".. Seems like its doing some other kind of trickery...

Oh and another thing that cooked my balls was the error message i got first that said i needed to disable/uninstall PatinCouffin drivers... What kind of B.S. is that. But disabling it in device manager was enough to get it to go away. However the "Incompatible System Configuration" seems to be here to stay. Unless anyone knows a way around it.

I've got a 3.2 Ghz Prescott running winxp/sp2. Just DT installed, no alcohol. And of course blindwrite which spellforce hates now.

12.09.2004, 23:44
Oh great. Another patch that makes Spellforce next to impossible to play from a virtual image. Are these guys deliberately trying to make our lives hell with this game. :evil:

Ahhh. Bugger it... With WoW and EQ2 due out soon, I'm probably not going to bother trying to play this game any more from a virtual image.

I just hope D-Tools 4.0 allows us to play this game.... MAJOR NUDGE!!

15.09.2004, 10:22
v1.38 presented me with no further problems...just uninstall patin-couffin drivers and play with rmps cd and script.

17.09.2004, 01:09
I don't know what i'm doing wrong, i'm use the same script that worked before and i removed the patin-couffin drivers and uninstalled blindwrite. Still no good.. Are there any other applications or systems settings that could be setting this thing off. I uninstalled softice and some other tools that it might not like and still no good.

05.10.2004, 21:46
v1.38 presented me with no further problems...just uninstall patin-couffin drivers and play with rmps cd and script.

Sorry i'm a newbie.

Where can i get the script that was mentioned in that post ?
What do i have do with this script ? (some scripts in this forum consist of some lines of code, what should i do with them)
Can i download this script ?

The Duke
09.10.2004, 22:47
@ the newbie :D

You can create the Sript with DaemonScript, grab it here at the download section.
Or, you write your own one, kinda Shell-Script.

function RunSacred()
var WSHShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell");
var i;

WSHShell.Run("D:\\XPAPPS\\MEDIA\\BURNER\\D-Tools\\daemon.exe -rmps on",1,1)

for (i=0; i<25; i++)
WSHShell.Run("D:\\XPAPPS\\MEDIA\\BURNER\\D-Tools\\daemon.exe -rmps on")


This one is for SACRED, but the method should be the same.
Just correct the path where your DT is localized and the Game is installed.

Then copy this into a TXT File and rename it to *.js
Put it in the Game Dir, and run it. :wink:


PS: of course you must have a RMPS burnt CD in your Drive :idea:

11.10.2004, 13:27
Thanks Duke