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03.01.2003, 01:12
Hi all,

Just a bit of topic, and sort of a small feature which goes towards the daemon tools programmers / developers.

I think that it would be a great feature to able to mount all the same image types in MS-DOS.

Think about it.. Rip the CD an image, Mount the Virtual CD-Rom and install your windows from another drive or partition or folder, with the speed of your hard drive. I'm sure there would be some challenges to overcome, I just think it would be a great feature.

Well thats it for my 2 Cents, reply if you want..

Great Products guys -- Keep up the good work..

03.01.2003, 11:18
No way - DOS is out.
Daemon Tools is developed for current and future OS ...

03.01.2003, 12:51
It would be waste of time to develop feature that 0.001% people will use.

Lord Sebi
09.01.2003, 16:47
Hello Daemon-Crew !!!

It wouldn't be useless because I think, every user has thought of this way of using the daemon-tools. So it could be a great advantage to implement this feature, so at least 20 % of the users of Daemon-Tools would use it.

Youre doing a fine job :P

The Lord

09.01.2003, 18:07
Well, most of the time it takes to install Windows is used for scanning for hardware and configuration, not for copying from CD to HDD...
So it would not be much of an advantage to install from HD.

And finally it would come down to this: VeNoM386 needed days, maybe much more to implement this one feature into Daemon-Tools which would give you a one-time advantage for every Windows-installing-session of 2, maybe even 5 minutes. And all those DOS-support developing time would be taken from the time he uses to investigate how to defeat the newest copy protection versions.

Are those 5 minutes really worth all this effort? I don't think so...


09.01.2003, 18:40
1. There are already CD emulators for MS-DOS, they fall back to 4/5 + years ago and if I can remember well, all are directory based and not image based.

2. You can install Windows off your hard disk/network doing some steps that differ from the version that you're using.

3. Even if an image based DOS emulator is developed, it would never be possible to boot from such emulated CD, unless the emulator was implemented directly on BIOS.

09.01.2003, 20:32
specifically, dos includes a proggy called subst:
subst C:\test X:\ (the parameters might be backwards)
this will make X:\ appear to be C:\test
make sure in config.sys, you add LASTDRIVE=Z: though
I actually use this for one really old game, that MUST have the cd in, even though it copies 95% of the cd.

18.02.2003, 17:48
Perhaps anybody knows KNOPPIX ?
It's a Debian-Linux Installation ready to run from CD. And it has a
very cool feature: you can put the image file on a harddisk -
during startup it checks all available partitions and if it finds an
image file it will use it. So you have the benefit of an installed
system, that can not be messed up as it is read only, and the speed
gain of running it from a harddisk.
Why I mention it ? I'm currently building a Windows installation to
finally put it on CD and ramdrive. I have enough of funny effects that
will suddenly mess up my whole system. As an add-on I would
like to have the possibility, to put the image to a harddisk and run
it from there - booting an adapted floppy. So no need for BIOS-Support.
So here I am - looking for an emulator for DOS.