View Full Version : burner // dvd rom isnt working

14.09.2004, 19:47
Operating System: Windows XP
Burning Software: Nero
Anti-virus Software: Norton
DAEMON Tools Version: newest

i installed daemon tools about a month ago and now that i want to reformat my computer i noticed that neither of my drives are there. i tried uninstalling but that isnt helping. i cant reformat if neither of them are reading cds lol. someone please help me solve this problem

14.09.2004, 20:00
If you "really" re-format, your drives will be accessed on BIOS level first, so it should be no problem.
You probably have some problem with filter drivers, so you can check out thread related to missing drives in our common problems and solutions forum, too.

14.09.2004, 20:11
i put my disk into my cd rom drive and restarte. nothing happened but went through the boot up screen. i goto my computer and only have 4 dvd drives that are asking me to insert a disc. i put the disc into my dvd rom and it still isnt reading. i tried uninstalling daemon tools and then i have no devices in my computer but my c:\ drive

14.09.2004, 20:29
i tried http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/portal/viewtopic.php?t=498 and it still doesnt seem to be working. this happened when i installed daemon tools i hope someone can help

14.09.2004, 21:00
If you re-format, you usually boot from cd.

15.09.2004, 04:48
yes but how am i do i boot from cd if my cd-rom isnt working?

15.09.2004, 10:55
If your cd-rom is not present at BIOS level, it's NOT Daemon Tools fault. Check BIOS, cables 'n stuff.