View Full Version : problem with daemontools install, ver. 3 to 3.47

14.09.2004, 22:54
Operating System: windows 2000 server SP3
Burning Software: none
Anti-virus Software: none
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.46, 3.47

hi all.

since my latest win2k reinstall im unable to install deamontools.

i dubleclick the setup, my PC works for a few seconds and thats it.

no error, no install, nothing.

however, the system protocol shows the following DrWatson message (does somebody remember how to kill this service btw?):

Die Anwendung "" hat einen Programmfehler verursacht. Datum und Zeit des Fehlers: 15.09.2004 um 00:08:13.265 Ausnahme: c0000005 an Adresse 004E8D20 (<nosymbols>)

the application "" produced an error. date and time: 15.09.2004 at 00:08:13. exception: c0000005 at address 004E8D20 (<nosymbols>)

erm.... all right :/

somebody know how to "fix" this?
havent had something like that in over 10 years^^


didnt work without SP3
didnt work with SP3
didnt work with SP4
didnt work with standard windows installer
didnt work with latest windows installer
didnt work with "new" DT downloads / different versions
didnt work with older driver set
didnt work with latest driver set
didnt work with every directx up to latest.

didnt work with win98se anymore!

i havent upgraded anything,
software ist the same as everytime i reinstall/change the OS and i have a lot of practice in this...

btw, the new win2k install is "clean", means drive was formated

17.09.2004, 00:32
solved, virus W98.CIH, it passed by my scanner.