View Full Version : When The DaemonTools will be support StarForce protection?

03.01.2003, 04:43
And why if not?

03.01.2003, 11:46
We don't declare official support for this protection because we cannot guarantee that all games will work - this protection is very strong and evolves faster than any other protection on market. In fact you may have success with older games if you try to make DPM dump with Alcohol - try this at your own risk.

03.01.2003, 11:59
does StarForce work the same way as SecuROM v4.8x?

03.01.2003, 19:41

05.01.2003, 03:44

09.01.2003, 22:24
I know there are currently 3 versions of star force out, but I know no game protected with it. If this copy protection is that good why isn't it used yet? Can anyone tell me a game protected with latest StarForce protection?

By the way, star force is supported by the latest alcohol release and sf3 will be supported soon I think. By the way, are star force images supported or will be supported?

Sorry, I just wanted to answer a question, but now there are more than before.