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15.09.2004, 19:45
A section on the homepage to show the latest development status...?

Something like:

Dev stage: Alpha test
Status: Bug fix.
Details: Correcting error with sys driver.
Lst update: 15/09/04

This should completely remove all the "when is new version due" posts.

Good idea ?

15.09.2004, 23:30
at least the idea isn't bad, we will think about it

24.09.2004, 08:49
Any more thoughts on this ?? :?:

04.12.2004, 19:20
Yeah, its good to know hoe the devolping of the products go? :roll:

Alexei Kubarev
06.03.2005, 22:46
Thinking is good.. :)

However this could be easily be integrated into some Project Management System (PMS). As this site uses PHP it would be quite simple to integrade it into the site..

Even easier it is if you are using a PHP-based PMS..
Anyways.. I really dont like design... kinda standard desing for a phpBB that everything is based on... but i guess no1 will bothere to write own webpage from the scratch. Most people prefere using ready-to-use scripts..

07.03.2005, 22:33
Alexei: back in 2000-2002, we indeed used own "from scratch" website.

Beside from the fact that you will never find "THE" design
that satisfie you AND the rest of the world, there's an simple answer:
did you noticed that our page is, let's say, popular?

This is not an italian fashion-show, its a site about Protections, Daemon-
Tools and related stuff. Honestly, I like the sites the most that doesn't
overload my brain with tons of unwanted stuff.

Do you know what most sites lack today? CONTENT! It's that easy,
most Admins forgot about what's really important.
Take a look at our website for example: everything is just a click
away. The forum has good usability. I guess most of our users
agree here.

Maybe one day we will complete rewrite the design and use even own
CMS-System - before you ask: yes, we can code that ourselfes ;)

Believe me, at the end of the day its all about traffic and usability.
In that point phpBB is very successfull, hands down ;)

Alexei Kubarev
07.03.2005, 23:59
Hehe.. i just ALWAYS code myself as Its my part-time job ;)
Gonna get my PHP Certificate soon... but still... i just dont like that all portals have the same functions because of the phpBB and the portal mod...

Sure its easy to use... and you guys have much more things to do.. but for me its like this: the web page should never use someone elses scripts -- want e forum: write it yourself, want a CMS -- write it yourself..

Cant design? Get a designer..

Thats how it works for me and i like it that way.. coding is my hobby and my job :D

08.03.2005, 00:11
damn, what are you waiting for? Needs an emulation prog? Code yourself :mrgreen:

just kidding. Honestly, we can design, as we have several (!) designers in our
team - it's just (you mentioned it) that we have no time for a GOOD own
cms and beside of that, I disagree with you in the point that everything
must look different. Understandable from your point of view. But then,
why are we all using windows, hmm? because sometimes it's good to have a
standard. BTW: I get 20-30 mails only about our Webpage today, imagine
Guess what? 90% told me that they like not only the design, but they also
like the idea that they can use our site "out of the box" because the
"look and feel" is similar to other sites.

I hope REALLY that some day THAT is what designers learn ->> USERS first ;)

but we're getting more and more off-topic now, agree?

Alexei Kubarev
08.03.2005, 08:26
true..however i start liking this discussion :) not arguing just discussing different points of views :)

Would you like to continue it? Then what way do you prefere ;)

08.03.2005, 23:55
my time is precious (didn't I already mentioned that? :mrgreen: ), however,
I like discussions like this one, too.

You can write me via personal message system here, so we can discuss
further about our different point of views ;)

09.03.2005, 01:06

prolly a not exactly needed opinion :D but upon reading this, i'd just like to mention that i do agree with the point about 'unwanted stuff' very much indeed... except that you should have used the word 'obsolete' instead. For me, keep it up as is, because it's definetly among the better sites this way compared to [censored] and the rest :D

09.04.2005, 11:26
Personally i think the site design is great !

I HATE over designed sites - clean and simple works for me, if you can find what you want without wading through all sorts of c**p then the site works.

I would simply like to add a status bit, the guys are obviously working hard (the main page updats are quite old) and this way users would get an idea about what is happening without the usual "when is the release date" mails.