View Full Version : Daemon Tools incompatible with DVDXCOPY (GEAR drivers)

03.01.2003, 20:28
When using 321Studios DVDXCOPY 1.22 in conjunction with Dameon Tools (ver 3.26 or 3.29) the Gear drivers that come with DVDXCOPY will not detect my DVD burner (Sony DRU500A). If I remove Daemon Tools, the Gear drivers properly detect my burner. I'm using WinXP Pro w/SP1

Has anyone else had this issue and are there any known workarounds?

03.03.2003, 23:22
Yes, this isn't the only problem with Gear. I have successfully got both working with my Sony 500A although I have another problem I posted with long pauses at startup. Nero has a compatibility program for GEAR that you can download and run, although I never needed to. I am told by 321 that there release will not see the DT virtual drive. Try renaming the drive type from DAMEON to Sony DRU500A in the virtual drives. Or, as I have done, load NERO's newest release. It won't let you use the virtual drive with DVDXCOPY still but it will work with your drive at least.