View Full Version : Installed daemon on E: but E: was F: after install... cant reinstall

19.09.2004, 00:12
Operating System: XP home
Burning Software: nero
Anti-virus Software: none
DAEMON Tools Version: newest

I installed daemon on my external hdd.(E:\) It made a new drive called E:\ and now it wont work (ir tries to find daemon on an empty cd-drive) I managed (somehow) to unistall daemon-tools, but i cant install and the second drive hasnt gone... Help me
ThX in advance

19.09.2004, 00:23
I sort of solved the problem by installing an older version.. i guess its solved! it say something about lang-support ?!?

19.09.2004, 09:45
Un-install Daemon Tools, check threads about error 25002 and remaining drives in common problem and solutions forum, reboot after the procedure(s), then re-install v3.47.