View Full Version : Chaos League and starforce

21.09.2004, 13:55
As with many people, I dont like using CD's to run my games, it makes it a pain if i go round someones house to take a shed load of CD's everytime.

So, Ive now got Chaos Leauge, but I cant get it to run without the CD. Ive tried disabling the rom drives, and using an image with Daemon Tools, but still no luck, starforce says that the disc is in error or summit.

Anyone got any better ideas, or can point me in the direction of the *censored* who invented Starforce?

btw, if i cant make a working copy of software ive brought, does that not bretch my consumer rights of being allowed to make a backup copy of it?

08.11.2004, 14:27
use the fixed image as i say here


10.11.2004, 14:09
cause external links are not permitted, have been renoved from my post, so you should search the world of game copy for the fixed image.