View Full Version : Daemon Tools v3.47 and Roxio EasyCD Creator 6

21.09.2004, 21:58
Operating System: Windows XP Pro SP2
Burning Software: Roxio EasyCD Creator 6 (to use CD-RW in UDF format) , Nero v6.3.1.25
Anti-virus Software: HouseCall (online AV)
DAEMON Tools Version: v3.47

When installing, it's said to not use EasyCD Creator with Daemon Tools.
I'm trying to run a game, and my system reboots from time to time when playing this particular game (due to spywares maybe) ?
Note that other games (original games that I bought) do not make the system reboot...

I wouldn't use Easy CD Creator but I need the "Drag-to-Disc application so I can format CD-RW discs in UDF format to use the media as a floppy disk (add/remove/rename files without cleaning/rewriting the CD again).
I only have the "Creator Classic" and the "Drag-to-Disc" modules from the Roxio package, and I never keep the "Drag-to-Disc" loaded in memory (only when writing CD-RW discs).
And Nero does not have this ability.
Is there any other good CD burner software that can format CD-RW discs in UDF ?

Also, my system is clean of viruses and spywares (just reinstalled WinXP)

Please advise.
Thank you... Daemon Tools ROCKS! :mrgreen:

PS.: If I get the error again, I'll post it here (something related to "minidump").

22.09.2004, 09:55
Do you have minidump from that crash(es)/reboot(s) in Windows\Minidump folder? If so, send newest file to support@daemon-tools.cc for analysis.

22.09.2004, 12:43
Sorry, I don't have it anymore as I reformatted my "C" partition and reinstalled Windows XP. This time I installed SP2 and now I'm not using Roxio burner anymore.
I found out another CD-RW burner, Ahead InCD. It works pretty well.

I played yesterday and got not a single reboot. But if I get the error again, I'll send the minidump... or, if it helps to improve Daemon Tools, I can reinstall Roxio application to send you the file.

22.09.2004, 13:18
No, to stay away from Roxio is the better idea :mrgreen: