View Full Version : I canґt run Deamon Tools at all

23.09.2004, 14:56
Operating System: Windows XP
Burning Software: Nero Buring Rom
Anti-virus Software: Zonealarm 5.0 Pro (Zonelabs)
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47


Iґm new to this program and tried to start the sims 2 through Deamon Tools 3.47. Iґve heard there was problems with just that game but maybe itґs me or my computer... I get this message when trying to run the mds-file from CD 1, the sims 2: "unable to mount image. file not accessable." The file is in the archive, I donґt understand whatґs wrong. Where do I find simple instructions to how to use Deamon Tools? What can be the problem in this case?

Hoping for an answer!

23.09.2004, 17:26
Hello, I might be able to help you but I'm a bit confused about two things:

-How did you create the images with Nero?
Or do you have Alcohol also installed (if yes, what settings did you use with it?)

-What do you mean by "The file is in the archive"?
Have you compressed the image(s)?