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23.09.2004, 18:19
Operating System: Windows XP
Burning Software: Nero 5, Windows Explorer,
Anti-virus Software: AVG Anti-virus 6
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

Hi i am wonderin y mine isn't workin. wat i wana do is i'be put a disk in my drive thn there is no button 2 copy it?

23.09.2004, 21:31
Dear Sir, first you should apply for a replacement keyboard from your doctor or parent.
On the same visit you can tell about your 'thing' not working and about your desire to have 'a disk' put to your own 'drive'.

Note though that males don't have such 'magic button' in their 'drives' that you may have heard some big girls talk about but don't feel sad - I can assure you that there's still much fun to be had =)

Your problems might feel like insurmountable but you're not alone, in fact many teenagers reaching adolescence fear the same problems as you do.
However, be sure to show your doctor this thread so (s)he can adjust your medication accordingly.

Thank you and may the secret button be with you =)

24.09.2004, 00:14
Which means, in plain English, read the manual/documentation. It seems you don't know exactly what kind of a program Daemon Tools is, so some reading is definitely in order. Daemon Tools doesn't copy anything.