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04.01.2003, 16:37
Hi! Hope somebody can give answer on following. I have an NHL 2003 copy with Razor 1911 crack which ran ok under my old Win 98. Few days ago I have switched to Win ME and when trying to reinstal the game the install.exe doesn't react (and all other exe files as well). I have downloaded ClonyXXL, Clone CD and Safedisc Dumper (my CD is protected with SafeDisc ab v2.51). Is there any chance I can run the game under Win ME??? Somebody can provide me with simple step - by - step guide what to do? I'm a complete burning - newbe :-( Thx in advance. Floorman

04.01.2003, 16:50
We don't support cracks here!!


You've been warned, next time you've been banned, I don't wanna read such crap here.

What concerns your questions: Make a Image created with CloneCD from your Original (Fast Error Skip on) and mount this image with Daemon Tools, than you can install the game from the image.

What concerns the protection, it depends on your burner if you can backup this Game to CD-R. If you're not sure, you can come back here and post your hardware (burner) you use.

04.01.2003, 21:11
Sorry... Thx for info.