View Full Version : Blue screen because of scsi driver conflict

26.09.2004, 11:51
Operating System: AMD Athlon XP 1800+ 1533mhz - 512sdram 133mhz cl3 - Aopen CD Burner 52x - no name dvd - ibm and seagate harddiscs
Burning Software: nero6
Anti-virus Software: norton2004
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.29

hi. here are my problems:

while installing daemon tools 3.29 i have to install a scsi driver and after this the dvd drive. ok, i've done this and first after a reboot there came the message that there is a scsi file not found an daemon tool can not start. ok, i searched in my hardware configs and installed the new scsi drive correktly, after this and another reboot there is a reboot because of an driver conflict and i have to reinstall windows.

could their be a problem because i have jumped the drives not correctly (i think i did it right and they're working right)

please help me.

thx, dynamique

ps: there is no conflict with my burning or virus software because i have this problems before i installed this things and also the harddiscs are ok.

26.09.2004, 12:29
Try v3.47.