View Full Version : dt 3.46 download

26.09.2004, 14:19
Operating System: w2k sp4 german
Burning Software: nero 6.0, incd
Anti-virus Software: kaspersky
DAEMON Tools Version: dt 3.47

dt 3.47 isn't running very well on my machine because if I mount my .mdf-images there are a lot of reading errors, but the images just worked well wit v3.46.
Problem: I can't download it in the archive, so please can someone email it to smasherppk@gmx.de, it's not so big?

Thx in advance,

cu, sloth9

26.09.2004, 20:26
problem a: my great download-manager has kept the url so I was able to download v3.46 again, it still exists on the server.

After testing the image on a 2nd w2k installation, this version shows also reading errors, so the image is just bad... mmmh, I have to dump it again...

sorry for any inconvinience, sloth9