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27.09.2004, 06:56
Yes, I just got the game and it is a perfect copy. Everything installed right using the emulator switching back and forth. However, the game still asks after I run it and I click the option to play the game correct disk.

EDIT: As trying to use the short cuts they are asking for the disk to be in drive D

27.09.2004, 07:51
have you tried to install the game from your virtual CD-ROM (or seek in the registry where this drive letter "D:" comes from) ?

27.09.2004, 09:09
Basically thats how I installed it. From the new E drive that this program created and suprisedly it went well. However, it loads perfectly asking me if I want to play the game and so and so in the auto play mode but when I press play, it doesn't allow me to play this game

Though I noticed disc one of the game only has the BIN file

The other ones have both the bin file and a .cue

I am wondering if that is the problem.

However if d-tolls and the virtual drive does not work in my situation, do you all know another product out there?

27.09.2004, 09:26
Do you know what kind of protection is on the CD ? Use protectionID to scan the game executable.
How did u make the CD image ?
As the game is new, there is a chance that D-Tools is blacklisted by the copy protection...

27.09.2004, 09:52
I am sorry, but how would I scan for cd protection? Do I have to get a certain software to do that?

27.09.2004, 14:33
Download "Protection ID" or "ClonyXXL" (search in google for the links). These tools analyse the game EXE and guess the kind and version of the CD protection.
Once you know which protection is used, use the right "profile" in Alcohol120 (for example) to make your CD image file.

27.09.2004, 20:18
please answer the already asked question:

which program was used to create the image? which settings did you use?

02.10.2004, 03:30
Rome - Total War uses SafeDisc 2.9 according to the ClonyXXL

08.10.2004, 13:47
Image made with Alcohol 120 (latest version) with Securom *NEW parameters and DPM read speed at 1x works perfectly with DT 3.47 and Rome Total War v1.1.

15.10.2004, 12:13
Rome - Total War uses SafeDisc 2.9 according to the ClonyXXL

the development of clonyxxl was quit a long time ago ... Rome has SD 3.2 as protection and it should be read out with SafeDisc 2.x/3.x profile of alc120%.

try out a-ray scanner located at http://www.aray-software.com/ to find out the protections that are floating around these days.