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27.09.2004, 23:28
Operating System: windows xp pro sp1
Burning Software: achahol %120, nero burning rom v5.5.10.56 final
Anti-virus Software: norton 2005
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

hey can someone please help clear my query up, forgive me if i sound ignorant on this matter, i understand exactly in what way deamon tools works regarding emulation, virtual drive and protection but what i cant find in the FAQ or the support forums is an answer to the simplest question

say i made an image, .iso, or even a image with achol %120 which is
*.mds, then instead of burning that image directly with achol %120 i decide to mount the image to a virtual drive with deamon, ok now i go to my computer see the virtual drive, click it and it displays all the files just like it would on a CD-ROM, my question is, can you actually burn to a cd using the virtual cd as a source,


make a backup copy all files in say nero for example using the virtual drive as the source, and would it make a perfect like for like Cd copy?


28.09.2004, 08:31
You can do that, but it doesn't make any sense. Why mounting the image and burn the contents of the (mounted) cd, if you can simply burn the image directly :?:

28.09.2004, 09:27
Also RMPS (DPM) data will be lost