View Full Version : Virtual SCSI driver not found in WinXP

[NF] Spock
04.01.2003, 22:43
hi, iam running WinXP SP1 and when i want to run daemon tools it says:
"Virtual SCSI Driver not found" what must i do?
I tried versions 3.11-3.20-3.23-3.26-3.29 they all didn't work out.
Please Help

04.01.2003, 23:24
No errors during installation?
Do you see anything in System event log?

09.01.2003, 11:29

I have the very same problem + that when the "Virutal SCSI..." popup occurs, the sound is also disabled (for as long as I am logged in to WinXP, this howewer is probably a WinXP driver problem with the driver for my soundchip - CMI8738).

New information:
The problem does not occur for administrator accounts (everything works fine then) but occurs for normal users and power users.

/ Peter

09.01.2003, 17:12
Make sure you did NOT set 'Win98 compatibility mode' for Daemon Tools.

09.01.2003, 20:17
I looked at the properties of daemon.exe and the do not have any compatibility mode (should not have since I only installed it without fiddeling with Windoze options).

Why do you believe that Win98 compatibility mode would be the problem when it runs fine on an admin account but not on other accounts? Isn't this really just the same problem that has been the fact with for instance Windows 2000 for a while where you have to have admin rights to access certain SCSI devices (especially CD-burners)?

/ Peter

09.01.2003, 22:08
No, Daemon always works fine for non-admin accounts.

22.01.2003, 16:51
OK, so I finally had time to re-install daemon tools v3.29 (DT). I did everyting like the first time (installing when logged in as administrator).

Again, DT works fine for the administrator account. However I am amazed that it works for non-admin accounts after the second attempt to install it (after uninstalling DT of course).

The 'Device manager' shows the same things now as before.
Why did it work the second time?

At least my problem seemed to resolve itself once DT was re-installed.

BTW, I'm still running WinXP SP1.

/ Peter